How to access your student portal?

Follow the steps below to access your account and please check your booking information,


1. Go to

2. Please select the forgotten password option, following the instructions. You will receive a link via email and then you will be able to select a personal password that only you have access to.

3. Click on Booking Status, followed by details and check your offer of accommodation.

4. Check that your personal details have been inputted correctly by clicking on the My Details tab. If they are incorrect, you can edit them and then click Update at the bottom. Also check your Emergency Contact details are up to date. You can edit these by clicking Update at the bottom.

5. Please also upload a suitable photograph of yourself using the drop-down option on the My Account tab, followed by My Photos. The photograph is used for identification purposes only.

6. You can also make payment for your booking by selecting My Account, then Pay Now and follow the payment instructions. Please note payment is not due until the dates listed.

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